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What's in Store at Summer Arts Camp

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You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and first commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. ~Matthew 22: 37-39 


Let me paint you a picture of St. Theodore’s Summer Arts Camp: Who is my neighbor?

We’ll kick off the week exploring ourselves with Genesis 1; then Tuesday we will branch off to those closest to us: our family and friends with the story of the paralytic man in Luke 5: 17-26. Wednesday, through the story of the Good Samaritan, we’ll begin to explore our neighbors within our community. On Thursday, we’ll discuss our community neighbors’ and our global village’s needs  through Mark 25: 35-40  which starts with “for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison an you visited me.” and ends with Jesus saying: “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” Friday’s focus will be wrapping up all of this into one thought-provoking, God and neighbor loving package. 

Every day campers will rotate through different sessions of Art, Theater, Games, and Open Studio. In Art they will work on a variety of projects from screen printing their own camp shirts to tie dying, bead making and more. In Theater, kids will work all week creating 3 minute Good Samaritan skits to perform during our Friday evening closing program. In the Game Session, they will burn off energy with Human Hungry Hungry Hippo and Minute to Win It games. In the Open Studio block they will have a variety of creative invitations each day. Our small group of littles will be off building their neighborhood with Cardboard box houses, obstacle courses, art projects, skit-work about their neighbors and more. 

Every day will have singing, worshiping, creating, playing, laughing and best of all….eating! Not only will we have creative snacks mid-afternoon but every evening, and this is my very favorite part:  every evening when families come to pick up their camper they are invited to stay and sit and enjoy and hear about their child’s experience with God and have a family meal. Every – Single – Day

On the Friday of camp, we’ll invite all of our campers’ families and our church family to join us at the end of the day to enjoy our closing program and worship service.  Afterwards we’ll celebrate one last time with a HUGE meal for everyone. 

This is going to be fantastic. It is not possible without a lot of volunteers and A LOT of work. We have had some amazing folks step up to volunteer their time but we still need help and we have something for everyone: Decorating before camp starts; helping with check in and check out; or prep and clean up at the end of each day with the session leaders to prepare for the next day. 

We are planning for 60-65 campers and their families plus hungry hard working volunteers and approximately 15 6th-12th grade Jr./Sr. Counselors who have stepped up to help mentor our campers. If the camp registers to full capacity, this could mean approximately 175-200 people dining, worshiping and having fellowship together! 

What a wonderful way to serve our community!

[If you'd like to get involved with Summer Arts Camp through volunteering or providing financial support, please contact me via Email.]

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2019 VBS Director

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