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What Organists Do In Their Spare Time

Posted by Annette Zehring on

On January 28th, I attended an organ workshop in Wichita, Kansas. Getting a chance to attend a nationally sponsored event so close to home was too good to pass up. Called "A January Jubilee," this workshop was one of three held across the nation. The event was co-sponsored by the Wichita Guild chapter and by the national American Guild of Organists, using the impressive First Presbyterian church in downtown Wichita. It was a packed day beginning at 8:30 AM with registration, followed by a keynote speaker, and ending with a late afternoon recital.

There were eight different group sessions offered:

  • New choral music reading session
  • Introduction to the organ's knobs and pedals
  • Rehearsal conducting
  • Organ service music
  • Creative hymn leading
  • AGO certification
  • Starting a handbell choir  

Lunch was included (if you feed them they will come), and a local music store had a display and titles for purchase.

Organists have become concerned with the lack of young players, and have been offering programs to recruit more players. It was encouraging that of the 35 or so participants, five were under the age of 30.

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