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Undies Sunday Month

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​Starting October 2nd, Daughters of the King, St. Constance Chapter, are once again partnering with Bentonville Public Schools, Bright Futures program, by sponsoring Undies Sunday. A laundry basket will be placed in the Narthex during the month of October

​Children's underpants and socks are the biggest need for children attending classes in the Bentonville public school district. This includes our own Cooper school, here in Bella Vista.
​You can help by donating new underpants and socks for boys and girls in the following sizes: 6, 8, 10, and 12.
​The items donated can help a child who may need a quick change of clothing due to an accident. Or a teacher may learn of a child who may not even own a pair of underpants. Sometimes poverty can be invisible and what many take for granted is a luxury for others.
​We hope you'll join us by filling the undies basket.
​To learn more about Bright Futures visit their Facebook page.

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