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The Choir Needs YOU!

Posted by Annette Zehring on

The Season Approaches


        The church has a long and glorious vocal music tradition but it has begun experiencing what some musicians call the graying of the choir. Even the cathedral choir in Kansas City refers to their new 54 year old alto as a young singer!! So if you sing in tune, would like to be called young even if you aren't, and like to sing, please consider serving through choir membership. 

        In the past singers have enjoyed helping during the special times of Advent and Christmas. If you can find the time, we will meet on the first and third Wednesdays in November and December and we're always happy to welcome new members and visitors.  For more information, call Annette at 903-6371.

        The organ has held up rather well since the repairs were made last winter. It has not been tuned since then but Quimby technicians and tuners will come soon so the organ will be prepared to be its best for the holidays.

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