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Parish Updates & Message from the Sr. Warden 11/12/20

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Sunday Service: Streaming on Facebook Live

Join us this Sunday on Facebook for Holy Eucharist Rite II (Spiritual Communion) with Fr. Lowell celebrating.

We are so sorry about the problem with the sound last Sunday. Our "technical crew" (not a real techie in the bunch) didn't realize we had no sound until after the service. Every mistake we make teaches us something, so we'll forge ahead and pray for a good outcome.

Remember you can still see a weekly reflection by Fr. Lowell on Facebook every Wednesday at 2:00 PM, and Chris Schaefer leads Evening Prayer every Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

St. Theo's on Facebook

Service Leaflet Prayer Requests

 Sunday Scripture Study

If you haven't yet joined our Sunday Scripture Study Zoom class, but would like to participate or even just check it out, contact Chris Schaefer at 501-454-6815 and she will hook you up. Their is no need to "catch up" on previous weeks' studies. Each class is a discussion of that week's lectionary scriptures.

Join Zoom Meeting

Come in your pajamas! Come with your coffee! Come Zoom with us!

Every Sunday from 8:45 AM - 9:30 AM

Lectionary Study Guide

Consecration Sunday Reminder

This Sunday, November 15th, is our Consecration service for all the 2021 pledges received to date. Be sure to attend our St. Theodore’s Sunday service on Facebook.

Now is the time that the finance committee will begin work on our 2021 budget. We thank all who have pledged for this coming year, and encourage those of you who have not yet returned your cards to please do so as soon as possible. But do remember this: Like many great merchant gift cards that never expire – our pledge cards also do NOT ever expire. We will welcome them anytime.

As we continue “…reaching forward to what lies ahead,…”  Philippians 3:13b (NASB), please keep St. Theodore’s and our faith family in your prayers. We will weather this trying time and, with God leading the way, come out stronger on the other side and again be all together for in-person worship in our faith home.

God’s blessings to all,
Bill Schernikau and the Stewardship Committee


At St. Theodore’s, our theme for Advent this year is Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.
We hold Hope, Bring Peace, Practice Joy and Choose Love.

During Advent, which begins November 29th, we look forward to celebrating the coming of Jesus Christ at Christmas. We prepare ourselves with penitent hearts for the coming of the Christ Child while sharing anticipation and joy. We seek a deeper encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist, and through prayer as we work to find Jesus in our everyday lives especially through the season of Advent.

This year our Advent observance takes on a four-fold opportunity for everyone here at St. Theodore’s.

First, each week you will receive via our weekly email the "Advent Around the Wreath, the Table or the Couch” Prayer Guide. Each weekly guide features one of our themes and includes a nightly prayer, Scripture Verses, and Food for Thought for the week.

Second, each family with children will receive via U.S. mail “An Illustrated Advent for Families – Do Not be Afraid”. This will include four weeks of devotion, prayer, and activities for children of all ages. Featuring our themes, the four weeks are titled To Hold Hope, To Bring Peace, To Practice Joy, To Choose Love.

Third, we have an opportunity to go deeper with the Living Compass’ “Living Well Through Advent 2020 – Practicing Hope with All Your Heart, Soul, Strength and Mind”­The theme for week one is Hope is a Decision; week two is Being a Messenger of Hope; week three is ­ The Power of Hope; and the last week of Advent is Grounding Our Hope in God. These devotional books will be available at church for you to pick up for your personal use. 

Fourth, we will join together once a week to discuss the Living Well through Advent Devotional in our Advent Study GroupEach Monday at 6:00 p.m., we will come together in person and via Zoom. There will be 10 people allowed in Sengel Hall with masks and social distancing. Anyone else who wishes may join via Zoom and interact with everyone present. Everyone has the opportunity to study this wonderful devotional together. Please notify Chris Schaefer at (501) 454-6815 or at   to reserve your in-person spot.

Let’s join together in prayer and reflection for the Coming of Our Lord.

In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God. – Isaiah 40:3

Benton County Empty Bowls

This Saturday, November 14th, from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM we will have a drive-by parking lot sale of beautiful hand-made pottery bowls as a fundraiser for the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank.

For a $20.00 donation you can get an “Empty Bowl” for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member. Of course, you can buy as many as you want and the entire amount will go to the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank.

Two ways to pay: Cash or a check made out to Benton County Empty Bowls

These make great Christmas presents!

Christmas for School Children

The Daughters of the King will continue to collect hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, socks and underwear for Bentonville schools until December 8thThere will be a decorated box in the Narthex at church for donations of those items. Anyone wishing to donate items may bring them to church during the week when Lana is there to facilitate entry.

If anyone wishes to make a donation, but it is not convenient to take it to the church, our Daughters have agreed to make a pick-up if you so request. If you know someone who is a member of the Daughters of the King, you may call them and place this request or you may call Diane Landmesser, President at (479) 855-4014 and she will coordinate the pickup with you.   

Let our generosity and caring reach out to meet this need as much as we are able.   

Thank you so much for participating in past years, and it is our hope that you will help the children again this year.  

Message from the Sr. Warden

True story.

Google and I have a complicated relationship.

“Okay, Google, what is the forecast for today?”

“Today in Bella Vista it will be sunny with a forecasted high of 61.”

“Okay, Google, play Lord Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace”.

“Choosing songs is only available for YouTube Premium members. But here’s a station called Peaceful Music you might enjoy”. 

(I have a Spotify Premium membership which is synced to my “smart” speakers. Apparently, I wasn’t sufficiently specific for Ms. Google this morning.)

Undaunted, I continued.

“Okay, Google, play Lord Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace from my Spotify playlist.”

“Here’s a station you might like called Beautiful Savior.” She starts playing Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl by Looking Glass. (Seriously???)

Okay, third try is the charm.

“Okay Google, play Lord Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace from my ‘Sunday Morning Songs’ Spotify playlist”.

“Okay, here’s Bobby Bare singing Drop Kick Me Jesus Through the Goalposts of Life. (Totally did not see that one coming! Not even on any of my playlists! Now I’m getting cranky.)

“Okay Google, you win. Play Disney songs from my ‘Disney’s Greatest Hits’ playlist on Spotify”.

“Okay. Playing Disney’s Greatest Hits. Immediately the song Let it Go! begins blasting forth in Spanish! (I didn’t even know there WAS a Spanish version!!)

Now, I’m a reasonably patient person. Who knew a “smart” speaker could be so passive-aggressive? But enough is enough.

“Okay Google (you miserable piece of ^%$&*&^%$ ! You win! “Turn off”.

As I was ruminating over this series of unfortunate events, I was struck by how similar this is to the way I pray sometimes: 

“Okay, God, please watch over my friends and family and keep them safe. No, not that friend, he’s off the prayer list. No, not her either. She’s posted some ugly things on Facebook lately. And no, not the ones that have it all together. They don’t need Your help. They’re good. Oh, and please send us a new Rector. One with the energy and passion of a thirty-year-old, newly minted seminary graduate with 25 years of experience and three well-behaved children that will start a new youth ministry, recreate our Sunday School department, hold a Saturday afternoon and two Sunday morning services with sermons that make us all want to leave the church and become missionaries. They need to join every civic group in town and visit each church member at least once a week. If he or she could speak Greek, Latin and/or Hebrew, that would be great. Please make sure they know how to unclog plumbing, repair the roof, balance the budget and get along exceedingly well with everyone. Oh, and thank You for our many blessings, blah, blah, blah. Amen”.

Whoa. I certainly need to reexamine my prayer life.

Fortunately, we love and worship a “smart” God who knows the content of our hearts and loves us anyway. He can take the jumbled mess of the words we send Him and know what our intentions are even when we aren’t sure ourselves. He knows what is on each of our “playlists” and knows (so much better than Google!) which music to play. Even when He doesn’t play the song we asked for or we think we want to hear, finds a way to get His message through the noise and into our souls. He extends His loving grace to us and probably smiles a knowing smile as His magnificent plan continues to unfold. He really doesn’t need our help, our guidance, our suggestions, or our demands. All He asks is that we become Preferred Customers and subscribe to His Rewards Plan.

“Okay, God, play Have I Told You Lately That I love you?.

“Okay, Sharon. But for the record, I love you more”.


-- Sharon Moravits