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Parish Announcements & Message from the Sr. Warden 8/20/20

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Sunday Services on Facebook Live

Join us again this Sunday as we bring our Spiritual Communion service with Holy Eucharist Rite II to you on Facebook:

Service Leaflet 8/23/20  Prayer Requests 8/23/20

September Birthdays & Anniversaries

Re-opening Plans Update

This week, a group of vestry members and parishioners met and created a working plan for re-opening the church to in-person worship. We agreed that we should not meet again as a group until the impact of students returning to school has been fully determined. We have seen colleges shut down after students returned to campus and have decided to wait and see if there is an increase in the number of positive Covid-19 cases in Benton County. 

While our numbers are technically below the bishop's threshold, we feel that we must err on the side of caution for our congregation. The procedures are in place when the time comes, but we urge everyone to continue to participate in our numerous online worship and learning opportunities. Please continue to care for one another through phone calls and cards of encouragement.

Just a reminder for the ladies: No St. Anne's Guild meeting in September.

Sunday Scripture Study

If you haven't yet joined our Sunday Scripture Study Zoom class, but would like to participate or even just check it out, contact Chris Schaefer at 501-454-6815 and she will hook you up. Their is no need to "catch up" on previous weeks' studies. Each class is a discussion of that week's lectionary scriptures.

Join via ZOOM

Come in your pajamas! Come with your coffee! Come Zoom with us!
Every Sunday from 8:45 AM - 9:30 AM

Lectionary  Study Guide

Fabric Squares & Buttons

As a chaplain from St. Theodore’s since April 2018, I have visited Grandbrook Memory Care in Rogers. The assisted living memory care residents have enjoyed the music-based devotional that I bring to them each week. This wonderful, assisted living is unlike anything in Bella Vista. I have served a parent of a St. Theo’s parishioner there as well as others from Bella Vista.

During this time of Covid-19 the residents are at a loss as to why their families and other caregivers like myself, cannot see them. This has made for a challenge for the staff to find additional activities. Speaking with the activities director and the executive director they have made a request of us here at St. Theodores. They use buttons and fabric squares for multiple activities.

They are asking us if there is anyone that could donate their extra buttons and fabric (preferably cut in 4-6 x 4-6 squares) for use for their activities. You can drop off your buttons and fabric at St. Theo’s or I will happily come pick it up from you. This is a wonderful way to help relieve the anguish among a group of people that understand Covid-19 less than we do. All 32 Grandbrook residents and their staff will be so grateful to everyone. If you have any questions or want me to pick up the buttons and fabric from your home just give me a call at (501) 454-6815. 

Thank you and Blessings to you,
Chris Schaefer

A Message from the Senior Warden

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with my granddaughters. We always have a good time together but this time I wanted to do something a little extra special to break up the summer social distancing monotony so we did our best to recreate a typical day at church camp. 

We got up, made our beds and cleaned up our sleeping areas (we all wanted to win the coveted “Golden Dustpan Award”), ate and cleaned up breakfast (Capers) while I taught them some of the golden oldie songs (Music) from camp. We took a nature walk by way of watering my flowers and discussing the differences between annuals and perennials, which flowers grow best in the shade or sun and which flowers the deer like to eat best. We played two fun new games (Recreation) and took food over to the church to re-stock the Little Food Pantry (Service).

Lunch was a combination of Arts and Crafts and Science Experiment. We attempted to make pizza cones (think a pizza shaped like a snow cone) which looked disturbingly like a tornado hit a hog farm. (Pinterest, here’s another one for your “Epic Fail” board!) I told them that an essential part of church camp is the spiritual theme or lesson for each day. I asked them each to find an object around the house and come up with a 2-minute talk that related the object to God or Jesus in some way. They were given 20 minutes to create their message then present it.

Seven-year-old Grace wanted to go first. She found her water bottle and told us that “God loves us so he created water. He knew we would be thirsty, and He loves us, so He made water. Water is good and we need water so. . . . . we have water. . . . . because. . . . God loves us.” We applauded, Grace bowed and we all learned more about God’s love for us and the goodness of water.

I went next. I found a piece of broken porcelain and explained how even when we feel broken, Godly Glue can repair us and make us stronger than we were before.

Twelve-year-old Anna had to write hers down and was the final act. This is what she created (reprinted with her permission):

“Our life as believers in God are like the toilet or bathroom. Whenever you’re in the bathroom or on the toilet, you can be yourself without any trouble, just like when you are in church. No one is watching or judging. And when you’re done, you flush away your waste like how Jesus washed away our sins. Now please listen to my poem:

Flush, by Anna M.
Our sins were flushed
Away by God.
Like how we flush the stuff 
That looks like sod.
When we flush the stuff we call sod
It can go swim with God.

Thank you for listening. I hope you learned something.”

Now, I have to ask you, is that deep or what?? Yes, most 12-year-olds are extraordinarily and exhaustingly fascinated with bodily functions but Anna gets it. Grace has an innocent and matter-of-fact understanding of God’s creation and His desire to meet all our needs. These girls have summed it all up nicely. The message of God’s love and salvation are not nearly as complicated as we often make them. We struggle to define and understand The Trinity and transubstantiation when we should probably just sing “Jesus Loves Me” and leave it at that. Anytime your faith gets a little shaky or you have questions for which you struggle to find answers, go spend time with a child. It will all become crystal clear. You will expand your knowledge and understanding of God and gain new insight into His incredible, omnipotent, joy-filled love for all of us. 

Sharon Moravits

Photo by Dakota Roos on Unsplash