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Parish Announcements 3/19/20

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With all church services and activities cancelled until further notice -- including our monthly Messenger newsletter -- our Thursday "Parish Announcements" will be the primary way we communicate updates to our parish family. "Parish Announcements" will be published here on the Blog page, on the St. Theodore's Facebook page, and via Email.

Sunday Services, Holy Week & Easter
The vestry continues the work of the church even though we are not meeting in person, as per the bishop's recommendations. Sunday services are canceled through Palm Sunday, April 5th. All committees, groups and outside organizations that use the church have been discontinued until further notice.  
Bishop Benfield will reassess the situation during Holy Week and make additional recommendations at that time. It is our expectation that ALL Easter services will be canceled. The purchase of Palms and Easter flowers have been canceled. There will be no Easter Egg Hunt or Easter Sunday brunch.
8th Street Ministry continues
We are still planning to take a meal to our friends at the 8th Street Motel next Thursday, March 26th, but we will be preparing and packaging the food at the church and delivering it to the motel where they will be able to pick it up. We will not be serving the meal. If you signed up to make cookies, we will need them at the church by 2:00 Thursday afternoon. They have asked for a larger number of meals than we normally prepare, so if you can help with cookies, it would be appreciated. We will keep everyone informed if the situation changes.
Rector Search
The Search Committee continues their work as they compile the surveys that were distributed a couple of weeks ago.  You can still go online to complete the survey:
If you have a paper copy that you have not submitted, you may bring it the next time we have Sunday services.
Fr. Ben Helmer, interim priest
Fr. Ben Helmer, who would have begun filling the pulpit on Palm Sunday, will be with us as soon as we are able to worship together again. In the meantime, he has offered his services to any parishioners needing pastoral care, with proper precautions in place, of course. In addition there are members that can assist with other needs. If you need help or have a special need, please contact Sharon Moravits at (417) 434-6943.
Thank you & farewell, Fr. Benham
Saying goodbye is always hard, but even more so when we feel like we don't get to show our love and appreciation to someone who is leaving. Fr. David Benham has faithfully served St. Theodore's as a supply priest when we have needed him, and we cannot thank him enough. He has comforted us through some of our more unsettled times and has often been the much needed calm in the storm. His warmth, his generosity, his relatable words have guided us and challenged us in many ways. We will all miss him.
Fr. Benham's last Sunday was to have been March 29th at which time we would have sent him off in our unique St. Theodore's way. Since services have been canceled for the next several weeks, we are not able to do that and will have to say our goodbyes individually. Fr. David will be moving to Stillwell, Oklahoma, in the coming week. His and Angie's new physical address will be 205 W. Dogwood St., Stillwell, OK 74960. 
Until we meet again...
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Anne Streeter March 30, 2020 12:38pm

Thank you for posting this update on parish news, Lana. I miss seeing my new friends at St. Theodore's. Hope everyone is well.