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Our Choir Needs You!

Posted by Annette Zehring on

​St Theodore's choir is threatening to become an endangered species. We face the relocation of faithful singers and desperately need new blood in the choir.
​If you have some experience with singing in a choir, no matter how long ago, please prayerfully consider making a commitment to help the church by becoming a choir member. For those of you without experience, talk with the director about it and spend some time exploring and preparing for a new adventure.
​If you think you may be too young, think again. Many of today's singers began singing in the adult choir when they were as young as twelve. They grew up surrounded by a supportive extension of their own family, learned a new skill, and found something which became of meaning in their lives.
​There are SO many reasons to sing:
• maintain the tradition of great choral music
• experience beautiful music
• serve the church
• enjoy the fellowship
• understand the challenges and the joys
​AND....for those of you who are scientifically inclined, research today has shown than generally choir singers live happier lives (!), live longer (!), and that singing releases endorphins.
​Sometimes the organist "pulls out all the stops". Are you listening? Can you hear me now?
In faith,