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Organ Repairs Update

Posted by Annette Zehring on

Organ Repair work completed! 

        The Quimby Organ Company spent several days in Bella Vista to take care of the project.  Thanks and congratulations to us all.  May it continue to be used to the glory of God.

This company is very highly regarded − really a world class organ builder.  The organ fund will remain in place so contributions may continue to be made.  The instrument is a major asset of the church and walks that fine line I like to think of as existing for those few items in the world that are both functional and works of artistic beauty.  It will need repairs and maintenance from time to time, so it's appropriate that a fund be available to help with the costs.  We also plan on covering tuning costs from the organ fund, thus removing that expense from the regular budget.


 .  .  . and thanks for a work of love

         Marianne Farner has completed a truly beautiful needlework piece on Amazing Grace.  It's colorful and intricate and framed to enhance its conservation.  It was Marianne's wish that her work would be hung in the choir room.  Come by and enjoy it.  It hangs at the front of the room near the piano.

        We appreciate the time and dedication spent on the completion of this project.

In faith,