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New in the Parish Library (Spring 2018)

Posted by Bill Myers on

What a variety of resource/research and reading material you can find on the shelves of St. Theodore’s parish library! Here are some examples.

Are you thinking of that scripture verse you like so much and can’t locate it in the Bible?  We have a concordance that lists every word in the Bible and tells every book, chapter, and verse where it can be found.  You can’t miss!

Wondering what the Bible says about a certain subject of interest to you?  We have Bible encyclopedias and handbooks that can help. Check out the resource section, top shelves. The Bible section, bottom shelves, has several different translations.

The subject card catalog is up to date and can guide you to many subjects among the commentaries, non-fiction, and fiction books on the shelves. The title card catalog lists every book in our library by title if you are looking for something specific. The author card catalog lists every author on our shelves and which of that author’s writings we have available.

The One Minute Christian by Don Hawkins is a sort of “how it works” interaction: two men reveal how the Christian life can be a truly exciting journey. The young man works hard, lives fast, plays hard, is “on the way up.” He realizes that his marriage is in desperate straits and his life lacks meaning.  The old man, the One Minute Christian, has developed a minute-by-minute relationship with Jesus Christ. We peek over his shoulder as he meets weekly with his young friend, as they talk together, and as they learn profound truths about relationships, life, and God.

Did you know that the pagans accused early Christians of atheism, incest, and cannibalism?  That women occupied posts of prominence in the early church? That the cross probably did not appear as a symbol in Christian art until the fourth century CE?  That the first country where Christianity became the official religion was Armenia, 294 CE? You will find a lot of interesting facts about the Christian faith in After Jesus, The Triumph of Christianity, published by Reader’s Digest. Look for it in the New Testament section, top shelves.

Daniel D. Walker’s book, Enemy In The Pew?, has been around a while, but it challenges the reader to join a needed revolution in the church. He suggests that lay members of the church need to know that it is not up to the pastor alone to keep Christianity alive and meaningful in our modern world. The lay member has a very real and practical responsibility; it is in proportion to his or her awareness of this fact that the parish lives or dies.

Max Lucado helps us deal with fears that rob us of peace, bitterness that corrodes the soul, arrogance that eclipses our view of God, insecurity that takes our sleep. His book, The Applause of Heaven, tells about a joy that only God can give and that no person can take away. He says that what Jesus promises is not a gimmick to give you goose bumps, nor a mental attitude that has to be pumped up at pep rallies.  This joy is not cheap; it is a radical reconstruction of the heart.

Great Voices of the Reformation, edited by Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick, is an anthology of significant writings by many “greats” who provided the world with the spiritual heritage and moral force of Protestantism: John Wycliffe, John Huss, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, Cotton Mather, George Fox, John Wesley, Roger Williams, and many others. Dr. Fosdick’s introduction traces the historical and personal backgrounds of these great founders of Protestantism and brings the main currents of the Reformation into a cohesive, forward-moving testament of our faith.

It’s easy to check out a book. Just pull the card from the inside cover, sign your name and the date, and leave it in the box on the desk. When returning a book, just leave it on the desk; we’ll re-shelve it for you. Enjoy.

--Bill Myers, Parish Librarian