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Mid-Year Update on St. Anne's Guild Activities

Posted by Patricia Clark on

The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) St. Anne's Guild of St. Theodore's have been very busy since the beginning of 2016. Following is a summary of the group's activities January through May.

  • Disassembled and stored all Christmas decorations.
  • Decorated the Sengel Hall tables for the Winter and Spring seasons.
  • Hosted monthly meetings by preparing sumptuous brunches and presenting inspirational devotions.
  • Terry Anderson, Vice-President, arranged an array of informative programs including a slide-show of St. Anne's historical pictures; a presentation concerning Project Lifesaver of Benton County given by Lana McDonald; a class session taught by Terry focusing on creating an Anglican Rosary; a "Getting to Know Me" talk by Father Will; and a touching discussion of the daily activities and continuing needs of the Bella Vista Animal Shelter. 
  • Leanne Brown, an active member and past-President of St. Anne's, headed a Book and Puzzle Drive at St. Theodore's for donated items to be given to Mt. Carmel Assisted Living to enhance their library.
  • The Bakeless Bake Sale fundraiser chaired by Leann Stausing has, once again, been generously supported by the women of St. Theodore's with contributions totaling over $1,755.00 to date.
  • Provided funding for St. Theodore's members Angela Calix and Ivee Lowry's attendance at "Time for Joy"--a spiritual program designed for young women held at Camp Mitchell.
  • Sponsored a reception on April 12th following Father Will's Installation Ceremony.
  • Donations for CPC Sunday (chaired by Lana McDonald) were collected on May 8th and sent to the National Church Periodical Club for support of the National Books Fund.
  • Hosted a "Baby Sprinkle" (chaired by Sharon Moravits) for the Lowry family at Kingsdale Pavilion on May 21st.
  • Dozens of cards have been sent by our faithful Corresponding Secretary, Susan Coley, to those members within our church family experiencing periods of crisis.

In addition, donations and other monetary gifts have been made to the Bella Vista Animal Shelter, Project Lifesaver of Benton County, Welcome Gift for the Lowry family, St. Theodore's Capital Funds Drive, the ECW Program of the State of Arkansas, and St. Theodore's Memorial Fund.

Following the traditional summer break, St. Anne's will be hosting St. Theodore's Annual Picnic on Sunday, September 18th, at Kingsdale Pavilion. Ticket sales for the mouth-watering hamburgers and hot dogs prepared by Chef Don Anderson and his Grill Crew will commence on August 28th. 
​St. Anne's meetings will resume on Tuesday, September 6th. It is important to remember that every woman of St. Theodore's is automatically a member of this delightful and worthwhile group, and newcomers are always "welcomed with open arms!"