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Message from the Rector: August 2019

Posted by Will Lowry on

The month of July has been just berserk for me and my family. Planning for Arts Camp, working on curricula for Christian education, daily ins and outs, and of course, my father’s death. As I told Ivee a few days ago (I think that’s when it was anyway), “July has been so long I need another one to try to catch up”. 

Before I go any further, I want to thank all of you for your love and care in the last few weeks for me and my family as we learn to live life differently without one whom we all loved so greatly. 

I know many of you have been working hard and living life as well. Just like us, you have been in the middle of SO MANY things (family visits, job changes, the death of loved ones, working, and just life itself). It’s hard to keep up with everything and everyone and get it ALL done. 

Currently, we are smack dab in the middle of Arts Camp here at St. Theodore’s, and it is apropos that here on the last day of July it feels like there is way too much to do for today and the rest of the week. “How will we ever get it ALL done!?”

On Monday, I checked my email while sitting in Lana’s office discussing a few things and the daily email from SSJE (Society of Saint John the Evangelist) appeared. It said: 

Limitations: There is great freedom in limitation, in knowing that you can’t do it all. How wonderful it is when the burden of carrying so much on our shoulders is lifted. What is it in your life that is just too much for you to handle? This is where Jesus is ready to meet you.”  -- Br. Jim Woodrum

WOW! Just wow.  Thank God for limitations! Thank God for figuring out we can’t do it ALL! 

Perhaps you’ve heard me say, “We can only get done what we can get done today and the rest will wait for tomorrow.” I’ve had to take a dose of my own medicine lately. 

Where might you find that Jesus is ready to meet you? In your busyness? In your running here and there and everywhere? At work? At home? In your grief? 

You cannot do it ALL and you certainly cannot do it alone. Jesus is there to lift you up and so are your brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Find your freedom in NOT trying to do it all. Amen. 

Christ’s peace,
Fr. Will +