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May 2017 Message from the Rector

Posted by Will Lowry on

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

We have entered into the Easter Season with much celebration and joy. Thank you all for making Lent, Holy Week, and our Easter celebrations so important in your lives and our community.

We are now in what we call The Great Fifty Days (Easter Day through the Day of Pentecost). This season is considered to be a season of mystagogy where the meaning of the sacraments and the new life in Christ we received at His Resurrection (and our baptisms) on Easter morn are to be celebrated and remembered. This is a great time for us to have baptisms and to remember our own baptismal vows.

Ascension Day is celebrated on the fortieth day after Easter, following the chronology of Acts. We will celebrate the Ascension on Sunday, May 28th. The symbolism of the risen Christ taking his place “at the right hand of the Father” is an occasion worthy of glorification.

From there we await the Day of Pentecost. The time between the two feasts has traditionally been one of prayer for the unity and mission of the Church.

On the Day of Pentecost we will mark the fiftieth day - the close of The Great Fifty Days. We celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and what some call the birth of the Church. This day is of course also called Whitsunday (“White Sunday”) because of the tradition of all of the newly baptized being presented in the church in their white baptismal gowns. This is also the day we remember the familiar refrain from Acts:

How is it that we hear, each of us in our own native language?

We will again focus on our baptismal vows if we have no baptisms to perform. And of course, please remember to wear RED on Pentecost. Pentecost is the last day of the Easter Season and we will share in the feast figuratively and literally with a potluck. Look for details in the weekly Parish Announcement emails.

Christ’s Peace,
Fr. Will