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Posted by Father Ken Parks on

Inclement Weather Policy


        Every winter we experience some type of inclement weather that may impede driving.  Every year I watch the weather, check the road conditions, call the police for advice, check our parking lot, and then make a decision about remaining open or being closed for Sunday services or other parish events.

        Our policy at St. Theodore’s will be the same as last winter.  The church will remain open but regular Sunday School classes will be suspended.

If there are sufficient children and teachers available at the 10:30 service, we will have a Children’s Chapel.

        We certainly don’t want to put anyone in danger; therefore you can decide to drive or not drive in the same way you make the decision to go ahead with a planned visit to the grocery store or any other activity.

        Because it is the Sabbath that causes the most confusion, go ahead now and prepare for the possibility of inclement weather forcing you to stay home by getting out your prayer book and making sure you are familiar with one of the Morning Offices. (We have plenty of gently used prayer books for you to take home) If you decide to stay home, gather your family or even your neighbors together and pray the Morning Office at home.  A great way to brush up on that office is to come to church on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday at 8:30 am when we have Morning Prayer.  We would be glad to have you pray with us and help teach you if you desire about this important worship opportunity.  There is also the Wednesday Holy Eucharist that begins at 10:00 am. Often when we have received some bad weather on the weekend, the road conditions are greatly improved by Wednesday.  That is also a viable worship opportunity.

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