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In Their Own Words: Josh Goodrich

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Our recent stewardship campaign offered several opportunities for members of St. Theodore’s to share heartfelt testimonials about the role that both giving and our church community play in their lives. Following are some thoughts from one of the youth at St. Theodore’s: Josh Goodrich.

Church. It’s a place for worship. I think we can all agree with that. For me though there is just a little bit missing in that definition. But I’ll get back to that later.

To me there are three major things that Saint Theodore’s offers that are important to me: EYC, acolyting, and worship.

For starters, Saint Theodore’s is an amazing place for worship. Every time I step in this church I feel just that much closer to God. I get to start off my week by thanking God for everything and worshiping him in this extraordinary place. At Saint Theodore’s we all worship as a family. Everyone is there for everybody through the good and the bad. From the beautiful stained glass to the sound of the choir and the organ, every Sunday is a great day for worship at Saint Theodore’s.

The second great thing that Saint Theodore’s offers is EYC. EYC is short for Episcopal Youth Church. Every other Sunday we have EYC meetings and activities. The times we have and the things we do together at EYC are just phenomenally fun! Some of the activities we have done include EYC parties, hiking, and a river float in canoes and kayaks. In just the past few months we have done so much. EYC allows me to really use my faith and connect with others my age and enjoy activities with them in the presence of God.

The last great thing that Saint Theodore’s has to offer is being an acolyte. Each time I serve starts off with putting on a clean white robe and a cinture. It’s so much fun to get up on the altar and serve people. No matter what I do up there - whether it's holding the cross, carrying the torch or carrying the book - it is just fun. I get to serve with adults and kids. Everyone is family here, but for me there is also an acolyte family. Even if something goes wrong, we are all here for each other. I remember when I used to mess up. I would be terrified that I would get yelled at and embarrassed. I wouldn't serve at times just because I was afraid! Sure, you may be scared to get up in front of people, but we all will make your fears go away up here. We care for one another. If someone messes up we fix it after, but no one will be mad at you. So, if some of your kids want to get up on the altar and serve, I promise you it will be a great experience for them.

So, I have mentioned just some of the great things that Saint Theodore’s has to offer. I hope that this kind of changes your perspective on some things. I really hope that a lot of your kids and others join EYC and come and acolyte with us.

Wait a minute! I almost forgot my definition of what Church really is to me. To me church is a place for worship, fun, and family - and that is exactly what Saint Theodore’s is all about.

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