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In The Parish Library: Summer 2016

Posted by Bill Myers on

New & Recommended Titles

If you are new to the Episcopal Church or would just like a review of what we are all about, you might find some of these resources useful.

An Introduction to the Episcopal Church -- by J. B. Bernardin

A classic resource on the church’s history and lore, the church year, church buildings, symbolism, vestments, customs, government, Prayer Book, doctrine, sacraments, and much more.

The Great Beyond -- by J. Moulton Thomas

This is a unique little volume of wisdom helping people face death, not only with dignity, but with delight. It is for anyone who is uncertain of Eternal Life, those in a terminal illness, family and friends of those with terminal illness, those whose loved ones have recently gone home to God.

Twelve Baskets of Crumbs -- by Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot was a twice-widowed wife, mother, and missionary to jungle Indians in South America. Her essays on her perceptions of the events in her turbulent life may inspire and enrich your spiritual life and your everyday living.

The Patchwork Pilgrimage -- by Jill Liddell​

For anyone interested in creating vibrant church decorations and vestments with quilting techniques, The Patchwork Pilgrimage is full of inspiration and guidance. Liddell is an internationally known quilting artist. Her designs are contemporary, intriguing, and very beautiful.

Opening the Prayer Book -- by Jeffrey Lee

Lee introduces us to the history and liturgics of The Book of Common Prayer, and helps us understand why the prayer book is such an important aspect of Anglican and Episcopal identity and life. Opening the Prayer Book begins with the fundamental questions of what common prayer is and how prayer book worship shapes who we are as a church. He then turns to the development of liturgical patterns from the time of Jesus through the Reformation to modern revisions. It has everything you ever wanted to know about worship in the Episcopal Church.

Companion to the Calendar -- by Mary Ellen Hynes

Are you curious about the different colors used for the paraments and vestments in the church? The times and meanings of the church year and seasons? The special days observed throughout the church year? This companion will answer all of your questions. 

​Come in and peruse your library. Have a sit-down, read a book, and enjoy our comfortable furniture. (There may be a small fee for sleeping in the recliner!)

​It’s easy to check out a book. Just put the date and your name on the card in the book pocket, and then place the card in the box on the desk. There is no special time limit on your use of the book.

The missing Volume 7 of the Interpreters Bible is now on the shelf, replaced by a donation from Hillspeak in Eureka Springs. Our set is now complete!

Any time you visit the library you may want to leave those extra pennies from your pocket in the "Mile of Pennies" for Books for Kids collection box on the coffee table.