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Hurricane Relief: CWS Clean-up Buckets

Posted by Sharon Moravits on

Many of you have already responded to the request to provide Emergency Cleanup Buckets for Church World Services to distribute to areas devastated by recent natural disasters.  St. Theodore's will provide the required 5-gallon buckets to be filled with specific items needed (they are located in the Narthex). 

Here is the list of items needed to fill each bucket:

  • (4) scouring pads
  • (7) sponges, including one large
  • (1) scrub brush
  • (18) reusable cleaning towel (e.g. Easy Wipes)
  • (1) 50-oz. or (2) 25-oz. bottle(s) of liquid laundry detergent
  • (1) 16-28 oz. bottle of liquid disinfectant dish soap
  • (1) 12-16 oz. bottle of household cleaner that can be mixed with water (no spray bottles)
  • (1) package of 48-50 clothespins
  • Clothesline, two 50-ft. or one 100-ft.
  • (5) dust masks
  • (2) pairs non-surgical latex gloves
  • (1) pair work gloves, cotton with leather palm or all leather
  • (24-28) heavy duty or contractor type 30-45 gallon trash bags (on a roll and removed from carton)
  • (1) 6-9 oz. bottle of non-aerosol insect repellent

All cleaning items must be new. All liquid items must be capped and securely tightened. Place all items into the bucket, making sure they are packed securely to avoid damage during shipment. Snap the lid on tight and seal with packing tape.

 This is not just a short-term project, but will be needed for many months to come.

If you have questions, please contact Sharon Moravits. or (417) 434-6943

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