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History of St. Theodore's Church, Part Two

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St. Theodore’s History:    

(Over the next month, we will be adding blog posts concerning the history of our Church)  


 March 9 - St. Theodore’s was formally admitted into union with the Diocese of Arkansas during 107th Convention of the Episcopal Church at St. Mark’s Little Rock.  This was the largest forming mission admitted in the history of the Diocese.  It grew from 14 communicants, September 1977, to an independent mission of 88 baptized members by March 1979.           

First confirmed was Bobby Eis, presented by Fr. Barbee, confirmed by Bishop Christoph Keller, Jr. at St. Thomas’, Springdale, Arkansas.

 May 13 - Dedication of new altar appointments.  

St. Theodore’s Building Committee for the original church was formed. 


 April 13 - Departure of Fr. Barbee from St. Theodore’s upon transfer to Trinity Cathedral, Little Rock.

 Summer  - Worship services moved to Riordan Hall.


 January 19 - The Rev. Harold S. Strickland with his wife, Mary Ellen, and son, Paul, arrived from Cedar Falls, Iowa and was installed by Bishop Herbert A. Donovan.

 August - New Church Building Committee organized for planning construction of the church on 4.5 acres of land on Kingsland Road, Bella Vista; property donated by Cooper Communities.

December - Services were held at Riordan Hall with the wonderful gift of a portable electric organ from Judge Bernard Peterson and his wife, Faye.


 June - A beautiful handcrafted hymn board was created and presented to St. Theodore’s by Bill Sengel.

 Russell Joseph gave of his time and talent by providing organ music for the services.


 January 12, 1983 - Ground breaking at St. Theodore’s building site with Bishop Donovan, Archdeacon Milwee, Fr. Strickland and others.  

July - First service in the new church was held.

 September 20. 1983 - Dedication of new St. Theodore’s Episcopal Church of Bella Vista.


 Father Strickland retires. 


May - Fr. Edwin Sisk called as first full time resident vicar.  He moved here from Independence, Missouri., with his wife, Barbara.

 July 17 - Fr. Sisk installed by Bishop Herbert Donovan.

 Loan on church building paid in full.

October 12 - Second Sunday service added at 10:30 am


 Summer - Fall -  The 10th anniversary of the organization of St. Theodore’s was celebrated.


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