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Hectic Days

Posted by Will Lowry on

Many of you are in the midst of the Spring rush. There are so many things going on all around us. This is the season of graduations, weddings, and planning for summer vacations. In my own life I have also felt this busyness. Soon we will take a mini-vacation back to Mississippi to visit friends. We are in the process of building a fence at our home, as well as starting to get ready for our new arrival in July, and − oh yeah − we are still unpacking. Couple that with the already feverish pace of work life and − well, let’s just say I know what you are all going through. Top all of those normal life events and happenings off with all of the chaos going on in our world, and it is easy to see how we all can be overwhelmed sometimes. Never mind the constant bickering and hyping-up of anything and everything in our news and social media.

There is something that I have learned through the years when all of these things pile up and the stress of it all begins to set in. I do not need to “buck up”, or “buckle down” so I can handle more or be more productive. I do not need to drink more caffeine and stay at work later or stay up later at night to get things done. What I need is quietness and stillness. What I need is the Peace of God. What I need is more prayer, or at least more intentional prayer. I was reminded of that this week when I sat down to write this article and all of the hustle and bustle got in the way. So here goes:

Heavenly Father, grant us peace. Grant us quietness. Grant us stillness. Give us clear minds and create in us clean hearts that we might be filled with Your Holy Spirit. Stop our judgment of each other and ourselves. Help us to see that Your grace and Your love is given to us ALL, and that makes each one of us holy. Stop our bickering. 
Stop our malice. Stop our hate. Give us your peace.

You have made it very simple, Lord. One commandment to follow: Love one another. But you also gave us complex minds that don’t always allow our hearts to lead. Minds that allow us to forget the dignity of EVERY human being and minds that do what they do apart from the heart. Minds that forget they need the balance of the heart.

Guide us, O God, in the ways of the heart, for in the heart is love and love will consume all hate, bigotry, idolatry, and sin. In the end, God, you are love and love wins. This we know in the life and glory of your Son, Jesus Christ. Help us to open up our hearts to Him that we might love as He does. For in His knowledge and truth is the peace of God which passes all understanding. Amen.

Christ’s Peace,