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Get to Know St. Theo's: Barb Knotts

Posted by Barb Knotts on

Come sit with me on Sunday, any Sunday. You’ll see why I love St. Theodore’s.  

I look forward to a bit of quiet time before the service begins. I give thanks for the people  in the pews around us. As they did when you arrived today, they’ve each greeted me with a smile and ‘good morning’ every Sunday since I began attending services over a year and a half ago. And that’s only the beginning. They’ve invited me into their homes to share a meal and to get to know them better. At Brown Bag lunches they’ve made room for me to engage in discussions about the literature of our Bible (how much richer the Sunday readings are now). They’ve provided opportunities to support ministries that allow me (and you) to give back to our community and world. Their greetings are as warm when I see them shopping, working or relaxing. They’ve been there when I needed an extra shoulder or hug. Our bonds extend far beyond St. Ted’s walls. Our beliefs are alive.

During the service when Father Will blesses those celebrating wedding anniversaries, milestone birthdays, baptisms you’ll want to join the applause from the pews to thank them for sharing their moments…they made me family and will do the same for you.

Yes, I see your eyes keep coming back to the beautiful altar windows. I call them the Windows of Hope. Separately each of the colored glass pieces is gorgeous… put together, breathtaking. On sunny days the rays of light keep me hopeful. Even on the grayest day, a slice of light will show through one of the glass pieces…hope renewed.

Ready for the service? Together we all stand, sit, kneel as we reaffirm our faith. That’s our organist Annette starting us off with the processional hymn. I always feel the spirit. It’s ok to tap your toes and sing off key…I do! Wonder if it’ll be a week where Deacon John’s stories will help us understand how bad things can happen to good people and we can still believe. Or, maybe it’ll be Father Will as he makes the timeless Episcopal liturgy relevant to our daily lives. I (and you) will leave the pew with much to think about all week.

I treasure the Holy Communion ritual at St. Theodore’s. All are invited to ‘be known and fed here.’ Our communion rail is not intimidating; it is an inviting, joyful place. Father Will and the chalice bearers make sure of that. Kids get a blessing as only a Father who is also a Dad can do. And, how proud I am when the communion vessels are handed to the volunteers to take to communicants who cannot attend our services in person. We are one body.

Oh, that reminds me. I want you to come to Concordia for the service Father Will and Lana (and others) provide there for the residents and friends. I promise you a Sunday afternoon with interesting people as together we all enjoy our St. Theodore’s Episcopal prayer and fellowship (plus communion). A healthy, vibrant church reaching outside its walls.

Come sit with me. You’ll discover your own reasons to love St. Theodore’s.  Just come!

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