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The meeting on August 16 in Sengel Hall went very well. It was well attended, and people seemed to appreciate being kept up to date on the Church's financials. In addition, Harriett neer presented scholarships to four of our college students--Kim Oehlert, Michael McCormack, Ryan Spooner, and Kevin Spooner.  Peter Christie gave an update on the status of the Rector Search. We are planning to have a mid-year financial update every year, in order to keep the congregation informed. 

Since all parishioner could not attend the meeting, a copy of the financial pages can be found in the September Messenger.  Any new participants in the Capital Fund Drive are welcome! I should also mention that there has already been new activity in the Rector Seach since Peter's update. The search Committee met with the Canon to go over the candidates last month which paved the way for the interview process to begin.

As you all know, Sunday School for Children and Youth began on August 23rd.  We have also kicked off the fall round of Agape dinners. In addition, St. Anne's Guild hosted a luncheon on Saturday, September 12th for Episcopal Church Women from around the state. We hope all will come out of the annual church picnic to be held at Riordan Hall on Saturday, September 19th, at 4 PM. Finally, we will be volunteering at Helping Hands on The 26th of September.  

As you can see, activities are increasing now that fall is here. The new activities plus the search for a Rector should make for a busy and exciting time. 

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