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Come and See!

Posted by Will Lowry on

In January of this year we began an initiative to help us reach outside of the doors of our church and welcome people with open arms and hearts. We call this initiative Come and See.

In the first chapter of John’s Gospel, John the Baptist points out Jesus to his disciples and they then follow Jesus. Jesus asks the disciples, “What are you looking for?” and they in turn ask him “Where are you staying?”.

This question though is actually code for “Who are you?” Jesus’ response to them is “Come and See”. Three short words that mean a whole lot.

What Jesus is inviting them to - is to come and experience who he is - who God is. To Come and See that God’s love is boundless and abundant. And that is the basis for our Come and See initiative at St. Theodore’s.

We are a loving and welcoming community that is seeking to know God in a deeper more meaningful way - together - yet, each of us are also in need of the grace and hope that God’s love provides.

We are a church that believes that God created each of us out of love and that we are to share that same love with everyone. That is the mission of the church as a whole - to welcome each other with the radical grace, love and compassion that Jesus did.

It is my hope that if you are looking for a place to experience, explore, and to love God and others you will Come and See how we do that here at St. Theodore’s.

As we are fond of saying in the Episcopal Church - The Episcopal Church Welcomes You!

May God bless you and keep you this day.

Christ's peace,
Fr. Will +

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